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Learn how to

  • Implement a real continuous integration for your application


This course is intended for Android mobile app developers who would like to improve the way they build their products. Attendees should have at the very least 6 months of experience developing Android applications (1 year preferred) and should be familiar with Kotlin development, know object-oriented programming and what a design pattern is.

A Java version is also available.


Day 1

Introduce Tests in Legacy Code

Day 2

Day 3

Suggested Additional Contents

  • Gradle Kotlin DSL

  • Alternative testing and/or assertion frameworks (JUnit 4, Hamcrest, …)

  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and possible frameworks

  • Test && commit || revert

  • Integration Tests

  • Acceptance Tests

  • Smoke Tests

  • Advanced Coverage Measure


A git code repository with all the code of the course is available on demand.


Maximize the outcome of this course by bringing your laptop with the most recent version of Xcode ready and write the code with us!