This is what make us different

Experience Required. Not for newbies.

Our courses are addressed to developers with at least 1 year of experience in the platform of the course.

Experience Required

Time effective. See for yourself.

Get the knowledge from the people who has it. Make the questions that you have and understand it all.

Time Effective

Learn the whole story. Not just tutorials.

There are many tutorials available, short examples that tell you how to use a single feature in your development. We implement fully functional apps throughout the week so you understand the integration of each part within the whole architecture.

Whole Story


Paula Baudo

Jorge is an incredible professor. He is always looking for the best way to teach his students all his knowledge and help them to reach their goals. His passion inspired me everyday at the course to find the most efficient solution to every challenge. No doubt, it was a great experience and it wouldn't been the same without him.

Android developer
Julian Alonso

Jorge is an excellent communicator, not only as instructor, but also as developer. He provided me with a lot of materials and good exercises to put everything in practice.

iOS developer
Diana Pérez

The way he explains all the topics and supports the learning process for people with no experience in Android was really great. Now I feel confident in Android, with increased motivation, and I keep learning by myself after the course finished. For me, this course set the right foundations to start my work with Android.

Java Developer Jr. Adv